Pivot doors – also called swing doors – are most natural choice for office buildings and other work spaces. They are characterized from other types of doors in that they open both inwards and outwards. Swing doors have no hinges against the door frame – instead they pivot on an axis point which close towards the left or right side of the door. Due to this feature, the doors can be manufactured significantly wider than hinged doors. They can be either framed (with extruded aluminium frames) or made as frameless glass doors. As an option, swing doors can be spring-loaded, so that they come to rest in the closed position.

You would choose a pivot or swing door if you are looking for a sleek, modern solution to complement the style of your home or office. If you are looking for a frameless glass door, or for a door which is wider than the more standard widths, then this is the style of door for you.


  • Doors manufactured to precise custom sizes
  • Can be manufactured with side-lights for additional lighting to the interior
  • Available in a wide range of powder-coated colours.
  • Available in toughened glass or laminated safety glass.
  • Sizes up to 1.5m in width, and up to 2.7m in height.
  • Choice of high-end pull handles.


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